The Way of Truth Ministries exists as a Bible-believing, fundamental organization to see the great commission fulfilled through a balance of winning the lost to Christ and building the believers to spiritual maturity through radio, the printed page, counseling, and local church ministry.


The vision of the Way of Truth Ministries is to continue to expand the radio outreach on at least 200 more stations within the next two years. Way of Truth Ministries will, by the grace of God, use all of the modern technology available including, but not limited to the Internet, television, the printed page, radio, Biblical counseling, and Bible Institute to communicate the scriptures with the intent of evangelizing the lost, edifying the believer, and glorifying God.

Doctrinal Statement

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Our Pledge of Integrity
(Core Values)

Integrity denotes wholeness, wellness, and completeness. Integrity is the framework for moral character. For believers in Christ it stands for Christ-like character and behavior. There are eight qualities listed in Philippians 4:8 that describe integrity. We will pursue these qualities.


The concept of Way of Truth Ministries was stirring in the heart of founder, Gary Dull, from a young age. In the spring of 1989, while reading his Bible during daily devotions, Gary came across Psalm 119:30, which says, “I have chosen the way of truth.” At that moment, Gary realized that the name God wanted him to call his new ministry was “WAY OF TRUTH MINISTRIES.” Later that year, Gary met with 5 other men, Gorman L. Dull, Cary L. Gruver, William L. Long, Elwood W. Pfaunmiller, and Fred Young to pray for and discuss the formation of this ministry. These 6 men became the founding team of Way of Truth Ministries. Very soon after their initial meetings WOTM was organized as a Pennsylvania corporation with a 501 (c) (3) status.

Today, Way of Truth Ministries supports mission work in the United States, Ghana, Togo, Liberia, and several areas of India. We also work with our affiliate, Military Ministries, among the militaries within the countries served as well as with civilians. Biblical Truth Ministries is also an affiliate ministry, which serves Pastors and churches at home and abroad.

Our vision is to see more radio programs being produced, more missionaries accepted, new churches planted, a greater truck ministry, a lager education department, more military involvement, more printed literature, and more people involved than ever before.

The History of WOTM
by Dr. Gary Dull

Administrative Structure

Way of Truth Ministries Board

Way of Truth Ministries President

Vice President

General Director of Ministries

Associate Director

Associate Director

Associate Director
of Counseling Center

Associate Director
of HWM

Associate Director
of Print Ministries

Other Associate
Director as approved

Explanation Notes:

  1. The WOTM Board is a policy board, not an operational board.
  2. The WOTM President and General Director of Ministries lead the administrative aspects of the ministry.
  3. The WOTM President is responsible to work along with the Director of Ministries to guarantee that all board policies are placed into operation.
  4. The General Director of Ministries is responsible for the daily oversight and direction of the ministry.

Board Members

Gorman Dull

Michael Dull

Ron Lunghofer

Advisory Board Members

Pastor Kerry

Dr. Phil

Evangelist David

Pastor Milt

Dr. Bill Shade


Pastor Dr. Gary G. Dull

President/General Director

Michael L. Dull

Vice President

Pastor Elwood W. Pfaunmiller

General Director of Ministries, Emeritus

Ron Lunghofer


Stephanie Thompson


Vicki Alessi

Financial Secretary

Danielle Jagel

Administrative Assistant

Priscilla Ritchey

Radio Coordinator