The Way of Truth Ministries provides many volunteer opportunities for those who want to be a blessing to others. Through our Ministries, we provide resources and support to many individuals, programs and churches around the world helping to share God’s word.

We have a job for everyone who wishes to volunteer their time, talents, and skills. The rewards you receive when volunteering far exceed the giving.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Radio Ministry
  • High Way Ministries International
  • The Military Ministry
  • The Central Pennsylvania Bible Conference
  • The Mission Ministry
  • Generation Next Youth & Revival Ministry
  • God’s Truth for Children Ministry

Most importantly, we are always in need of people to join our prayer band and be spiritually involved in encouraging our harvesters and shepherds and strengthen this miraculous foundation God has seen fit to build.

If you would like to volunteer with the WOTM or learn more about one of these Ministries, please click here to go to the Contact page or call our office at 814-944-2894.